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Sabrina Martin

I’m an Illustrator living in Pacific Northwest with my fiance’ and our 4 year old chocolate lab, Brandi.

I was born and grew up outside of Salem, OR. I also lived in Texas, on the outskirts of Austin and Dallas, for just two-months shy of 10 years. Now I’m back home in the Pacific Northwest, in the Seattle WA area.

My interest in drawing began when I was very young. I was inspired by one of my older sisters who had a natural talent for drawing. I was also enchanted by my surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, and the illustrations in the books my mom read to me & my younger sister. I’ve been drawing ever since.

I love creating vibrantly colored illustrations, stylized black and white drawings and cheerful coloring pages. I prefer to work traditionally but am cultivating a love for digital illustration as well.

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