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Sabrina Martin

I'm an illustrator living in the Seattle WA area. My interest in drawing began when I was very young. I was inspired by one of my older sisters who drew often. I was also enchanted by my surroundings in the Pacific Northwest and by the illustrations in the books my mom read to me & my sister before bed. I remember drawing stick figure deer in our Bambi Little Golden Book when I was 4 yrs old. I suppose that was an early indication of my dream to illustrate children’s books. 

Over the years, my style has evolved from stick figures to whimsical, vibrantly colored illustrations and stylized black and white drawings. I enjoy doing this kind of art because it helps me stay connected with the magic in life that was so familiar to me as a child. I think we all want to remember that magic and share the joy of it with others. For me, illustration is one of the most rewarding ways to do that.

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